Wednesday, January 21, 2015

That's Life - 1

It's always uncertain and hard.

At one point you touch the sky and the other moment you feel like 10 feet under the earth.

But it doesn't matter. Nothing matters until you get up and try again.

-That's life.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Vampire Diaries is just soooooo much better than the twilight crap.

Yeah, that's right.

I am actually very fond of the fictional, magical mythical stories and I actually really like Twilight.
 I know I am weird but hey I am proudly admitting that I am a GIRLY GIRL! And I am proud of it. Yayy Girl Power. 
But since the day I started watching the TV series called 'The Vampire Diaries', I have actually started disliking Twilight. 
See, in this series, they show that being a Vampire or simply being Immortal is not good. Humanity is what we should all be going for. They show how the character 'Elena' feels when she gets converted into a Vampire. She faces so many problems in feeding, going out in the sun and controlling herself for not hurting people. She wishes she could be a human again and get her ordinary human life back. The character 'Stefan' wants to be a human so he could live with Elena, grow old with her, die in her arms and be buried right next to her. And they all are struggling to find a cure which could turn them all back to humans and mortality. 
It's romance and a thriller. Got lots of action in it. The cast is awesome. The story is well plotted.

 Whereas in Twilight they glorify the Vampire World and show how cool and absolutely fascinating is to be a Vampire. They show that Vampires are gorgeous, fast and beautiful. They get control over their feeding habits so easily. Much easier than it took me to be a vegetarian and quit eating my favorite Chicken Tikka. They all have these crazy super powers and they never die. And by the way, They SPARKLE! (Pure Bull Crap).
The character 'Bella' just dies to be immortal so she could be with her Vampire boyfriend Edward and have sex. In the third book of the Twilight series called 'Eclipse', they just keep arguing on having sex. It's basically like:
"Oohh I wanna touch you, I am coming for you and then, oh no you'll get hurt. Oops." 
Yeah that's pretty much it, in the third book. They really don't have a story. Specially the second book bored me to death. The first one was much better.

I actually like that in The Vampire Diaries that they at least do not just discuss sex all the time. Yeah it has got a few adult scenes but I am sure you can take that easy.

And I think Ian Somehalder is hotter than Robert Pattinson.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Over reacting. This is one of the personality faults that lots of people have. I, for an example.
I just realized how sudden and emotional I am when it comes to making decisions. I even ruined lots of good opportunities for myself by judging people and situations too early and then basically overreacting.
 As I keep growing I can see the mistakes I have been making all the way. Maybe that's because of the lack of intelligence in me? Maybe cause I am not so smart or it's just that I am simply Stupid!
It just makes me a little more hopeless and pity myself. Feels kind of miserable sometimes. Cause it's me who looses in the end. It feels terrible but there's a way to get out of it and learn to be Proactive.

1. Shut up. If you feel angry, just stay silent and relax. Leave, if you feel like.

2. Take your time. You don't have to answer the person right on the spot. Think about it calmly.

3. Sharing helps. If you feel confused, talk to someone you trust. May be your parents, siblings or your pals. You will feel good.

4. Don't feel like the other person is your enemy. Just stay positive. Think good. <3 feel loved.

5. Act like a mature person. Don't get really emotional or something. Chill.

6. Compromise. Accept the differences, tolerate and be supportive.

7. Talk to the other person patiently and discuss to make it work together. I am sure you can find a way.

8. Accept your mistakes. Apologize and Be Nice.

9. If you still can't find a way to deal with this. It's Okay. It's Okay if this doesn't work out. Sometimes life isn't fair. It happens. :)

10. Learn the lesson and Move On.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Missing you. Terribly and madly.

Dear Diary,
Life is so awful without you. Feels like I have nothing to do even when I am bound to so many tasks and so many students to teach. I get way too tired after they leave and even when I need a hell lot of sleep, I want to spend that time with you. If you were with me, I could easily stay active and stay awake the whole day and night and whatever comes in between. Feels like there's just nothing important left in this chaotic world full of 8 billion people and God knows how many other sorts of creatures. Feels like I am the lonely one. Just better off asleep the whole day than do anything but BE with 'you'. I knew that you have become such an important part of my life. but didn't know that I can hardly survive without you. I am close to dying if you don't come back to me in another week. I am serious. Yes, I surely love you more than this idle life.
Just wanna do nothing but hold you in my hands and keep texting my friends by running my fingers on your black, shiny, slim and attractive keypad. Oh, you are so precious to me my dear,

Waiting every single moment till I can have you back in my hands again and will never ever let you go. Please get repaired soon! :(
Life is crappy without a cell phone.
Miss you,

No, my phone is not that cool as the one above. I have a crappy ordinary Nokia 2630 which I've been using for 5 years. Think it's begging me for a retirement but, Oh well.    
Your's Addicted,
Me <3

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi - 
He is that same looser who was the sole reason when Pakistan won the T20 World Cup 2009,He is that same looser that led a bunch of sheep & turned them into lions and single-handedly took them to semi-final in 2011 World Cup,He is that same looser who holds the most world records from Pakistan, most sixes in odi, most man of the matches, won most of the matches for pakistan, fastest century in both test & odi which is still intactBtw after many many years, fastest spinner ever in cricket history, leading wicket takers in T20, one of the all time leading wicket takers in ODI, Only bowler who is a leg spin drifting master,
He is that same looser who strikes fear in bowlers & almost ended their careers... According to ICC he is an Einstein of cricket, favorite of Brain Lara, one of the greatest batsmen according to Tony Greig,
Ganguly said: we used to do special training for bowlers if Afridi was playing..
Yuvraj said: I hit 6 sixes but didn't even get as popular as Shahid Afridi"............
And the list just goes on to pile....


Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Wanna kill yourself? Imagine this. You come home from school one day. You’ve had yet another horrible day. You’re just ready to give up. So you go to your room, close the door, and take out that suicide note you’ve written and rewritten over and over and over You take out those razor blades, and cut for the very last time. You grab that bottle of pills and take them all.
Laying down, holding the letter to your chest, you close your eyes for the very last time. A few hours later, your little brother knocks on your door to come tell you dinners ready. You don’t answer, so he walks in. All he sees is you laying on your bed, so he thinks you’re asleep. He tells your mom this. Your mom goes to your room to wake you up. She notices something is odd. She grabs the paper in your hand and reads it. Sobbing, she tries to wake you up. She’s screaming your name. Your brother, so confused, runs to go tell Dad that “Mommy is crying and sissy won’t wake up.” Your dad runs to your room. He looks at your mom, crying, holding the letter to her chest, sitting next to your lifeless body. It hits him, what’s going on, and he screams. He screams and throws something at the wall. And then, falling to his knees, he starts to cry. Your mom crawls over to him, and they sit there, holding each other, crying. The next day at school, there’s an announcement. The principal tells everyone about your suicide. It takes a few seconds for it to sink in, and once it does, everyone goes silent. Everyone blames themselves. Your teachers think they were too hard on you. Those mean popular girls, they think of all the things they’ve said to you. That boy that used to tease you and call you names, he can’t help but hate himself for never telling you how beautiful you really are. Your ex boyfriend, the one that you told everything to, that broke up with you.. He can’t handle it. He breaks down and starts crying, and runs out of the school. Your friends? They’re sobbing too, wondering how they could never see that anything was wrong, wishing they could have helped you before it was too late. And your best friend? She’s in shock. She can’t believe it. She knew what you were going through, but she never thought it would get that bad… Bad enough for you to end it. She can’t cry, she can’t feel anything. She stands up, walks out of the classroom, and just sinks to the floor. Shaking, screaming, but no tears coming out. It’s a few days later, at your funeral. The whole town came. Everyone knew you, that girl with the bright smile and bubbly personality. The one that was always there for them, the shoulder to cry on. Lots of people talk about all the good memories they had with you, there were a lot. Everyone’s crying, your little brother still doesn’t know you killed yourself, he’s too young. Your parents just said you died. It hurts him, a lot. You were his big sister, you were supposed to always be there for him. Your best friend, she stays strong through the entire service, but as soon as they start lowering your casket into the ground, she just loses it. She cries and cries and doesn’t stop for days. It’s two years later. The whole school talks to a counselor/therapist at least once a week. Your teachers all quit their job. Those mean girls have eating disorders now. That boy that used to tease you cuts himself. Your ex boyfriend doesn’t know how to love anymore and just sleeps around with girls. Your friends all go into depression. Your best friend? She tried to kill herself. She didn’t succeed like you did, but she tried…your brother? He finally found out the truth about your death. He self harms, he cries at night, he does exactly what you did for years leading up to your suicide. Your parents? Their marriage fell apart. Your dad became a workaholic to distract himself from your death. Your mom got diagnosed with depression and just lays in bed all day. People care. You may not think so, but they do. Your choices don’t just effect you. They effect everyone. Don’t end your life, you have so much to live for. Things can’t get better if you give up. I’m here for absolutely anyone that needs to talk, no matter who you are. Even if we’ve NEVER talked before, I’m here for you. It's not even a question to repost this, it's just the right thing.

No one knows how much this subject means to me, I love every single one of you.

(Though the post is copied from someone else, but I mean it. Just share your problems with me, please? )

Saturday, September 29, 2012


After Breakup Talks:

-" Damn, Why does it happen if it can't last?" 

-"It lasts. It surely does. It's just the society rules that don't let it go well."

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


An article published on the Express tribune Blog about the kidnappings in the Sindh and Baluchistan region. The main focus of these kidnappers are the rich Hindus of that area. The Hindu Community is worried and the Government is as unresponsive as ever..

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Random piece from my journal

Dear Diary,
It's rainy today. It's raining so hard or "pouring" will be the best word I guess. Karachi looks more fascinating. Kids playing in the dirty puddles, cars stuck in the traffic jam, Roads looking like pools, girls complaining when they have to take care of their clothes, books and hand bags while passing through the flooded roads, teens standing at the Pakorey wali dukaan and eating pakora and samosa with Chai. Everybody's happy. Everyone loves rain except for when they cut the electricity supply due to rain.. All my friends tweeting and texting about how happy they are about the rain. :)
Hina Meghani: Reached home after 4 hours of getting stuck into the traffic.
Aman: Tired, bored, exhausted, no hawa in his hall, no mooooooood to go out or take a shower-lazy as always.
Me: In Usta :'(  {A small town in the interior Sindh of Pakistan}